F/V Ramblin’ Rose

The Ramblin’ Rose was featured in the 2011 Deadliest Catch season Captained by Elliott Neese.  She is 108 feet, 166 tons built here at Giddings in 1990.

Latest Rose News:

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6 Responses to F/V Ramblin’ Rose

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  2. scott smith says:

    Its always mentioned that R/R has 960 hp., but no mention of what brand the mains are. They’re not Cats, and don’t look like Cummins. Are they Mitsubishis?

  3. Scott says:

    It’s good for me i dont work on the Ramblin Rose under Elliot and his supposed expertise or profession in seamanship opeartions standing alone. Then theres his communication skills, lack of self respect and dignity. Whoever chose hom as captain needs their head examined.

    Fire Elliot, his decision making skills are obsolete if not broken. He’s a risk to everyone on the boat.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Devon says:

    I thought Elliott did a decent job on the Ramblin Rose, you have to take what you see on DC with a huge grain of salt. They want drama on the show and will edit to make it look worse or better than the reality. He is no longer on the RR which is their loss but hopefully he winds up with his own boat.

  5. scott smith says:

    I still haven’t found out what kind of main engines the R/R has.

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